The company policy of Eco Green Company is based on the continuous maintenance of the relationship with the customer. This means that assistance continues even after the construction of the sports facility or the green area by means of inspections, maintenance of the turfs installed and planning consultancy agreed and planned.


Parks and Gardens

  • Construction of parks and public gardens

  • Vertical Lawns

  • Realization of Residential Green Areas, and private lawns

Sports fields – Information request

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of sports turf

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of synthetic sports turf

  • Construction Soccer Fields, Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Baseball Fields, Riding and Polo

  • Erosion control

Parking lots in the grass

Airports areas

  • Grassing and consolidation of the slope areas

Irrigation systems

Environmental recovery

  • Hidroseeding and Hidrosprigging

  • Grassing of Mining Sites

  • Coastal Consolidation


Turf grass maintenance

Supply and Transplant of Ornamental Plants


Phytosanitary treatments